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So you might be curious about some of the Sisel International leaders.  You might be wondering which one to join, who to listen to, who to follow, and who will help you see success the fastest.

I could break it down and reveal to you exactly what qualities each of these leaders hold, but it doesn’t really matter.  The reason why is because there is no telling if you will see success or not.  You might take the instructions and the guidance of these leaders and go far… Or you might just end up throwing away their expertise and brushing their advice off as BS simply because you realize there is actual work that needs to be done.

There will be MANY excuses… But one this is for sure.  This one particular leader does not make excuses, and because of that got himself to where he is today.  The man I am talking about is Michael Schumacher. From delivering pizza for papa johns to working full time from home with Sisel International, he is by far the safest bet in my opinion when looking for leaders to join in Sisel International.

Don’t forget about Sisel Kaffe!

Yes, he works both companies.  What kind of Sisel leader would he be if he didn’t?  As Mike always says, “you have to be a product of your products!”  But he doesn’t just use cliche sayings to pump up his partners… He actually gives real world marketing advice that people can use to see success in the marketplace.  Using strategies that are working RIGHT NOW.

But he doesn’t stop there.  In a marketing world where strategies are constantly changing, Mike has pinpointed one particular marketing strategy that works today, AND 6 months from now.  Where change is the most constant thing in marketing, if you follow his advice, you can rest assured that so long as you focus on his strategies, and not give up, you can see success.

And no, i’m not talking about fake training used to upsell people more and more stuff like the video below. If he decides to bring you aboard the team, you are good to go with the training you need to see success.

No, he uses training filled with information that HE uses to see success RIGHT NOW in the market place.Sisel International is really cool!

In my opinion, he is one of the best trainers I have ever come across, and I am so grateful that I found him when looking for the right leader to join in Sisel International.

You can learn more about Michael Schumacher on his facebook fanpage at

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